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Facebook Live Marketing

Facebook Live Marketing

Create DateJul 24, 2021

Since it launched in August 2015 and became available to all users in January 2016, Facebook Live has quickly become a game-changer. Media companies like CNN, Viacom, the New York Times, and Buzz Feed have used Live to experiment with new video formats and expand their audiences.

Facebook isn’t the first social platform to debut a live streaming feature. Periscope and Meerkat broke ground in early 2015; YouTube has supported live streams for years, and Amazon built a massive live gaming community through Twitch. Nevertheless, Facebook Live, in particular, holds a clear appeal for brands.

Many brands have already carved out a chunk of the social network’s massive user ship. Now they can easily share Facebook Live videos with fans, friends, and followers without having to build a new audience from the ground up.

Facebook is also sweetening the pot with helpful capabilities such as live events, two-person broadcasts, comment feeds, and filters. And they might launch mid-roll ads soon, which could give the brand an alternative revenue source.

Given these benefits, many businesses – from auto manufacturers to makeup companies – are using Facebook Live to grow their audiences. Brands that are new to live streaming, however, might be wondering how to plan and launch a successful Facebook Live video.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about Facebook Live Marketing.
Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Facebook Live: An Overview
    o Features of Facebook Live
    o Why is Facebook Live a big deal for marketers?
  • Facebook Live Predictions
  • Getting Started with Facebook Live
    o Developing a Facebook Live Plan
    o How to use Facebook Live?
  • Best Practices for using Facebook Live for marketing
  • How to increase your Facebook Live Video Reach
  • Using Facebook Live for your YouTube channel
  • Ideas for creating appealing Facebook Live content
  • How can brands grow with Facebook Live?
  • Monetizing Facebook Live: Getting started with Ad Breaks
  • Tools Guide to Creating engaging Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • How to repurpose Facebook Live videos for marketing?
  • Top 5 Facebook Live Metrics that marketers need to know
  • Business Case studies
  • Conclusion


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